Full membership of the Foundation on a subscription basis is not open yet, but here are some of the future benefits of membership:

Knowledge and research

The FLE Research Council, as chaired by Philippa Cordingley of CUREE, aims to create a forum for discussion to generate the dialogue that will have an impact on leadership quality with the aim of stimulating wider research decisions here

Knowledge about education leadership and governance from research and evidence is key to improving outcomes for children and young people, thereby advancing education. Members/ member organisations will:

Professional learning and development

High quality education leadership is central to advancing education. Akin to other professions and professional bodies, we aspire to quality assure professional qualifications and high-quality leadership development programmes, enabling members/ member organisations to:

Succession planning and participation

A secure pipeline of high-quality education leaders is crucial to advancing education. Members/ member organisations will:

Professional dialogue and policy

It has never been more important that we establish the conditions for constructive dialogue between education leaders and policy makers nationally and globally, creating a strong sense of collective endeavour and shared vision. The Foundation aspires to act as the advisory body to the Department for Education, education authorities, trusts, and other professional bodies. Members/ member organisations will:

What we won’t do

Register or license school leaders to practise or take disciplinary actions – this is the responsibility of the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Provide leadership programmes or qualifications – although we will host national and regional events and conferences.

Investigate or process complaints from parents or others – this is the responsibility of individual schools, MATs, colleges or other educational organisations, determined by their own complaints policies and procedures.

Recommend individual educational institutions or organisations to parents or the public or offer parents educational advice.