We aim to:

We have been working with the ‘licensed providers’ of the National Professional Qualifications through the transition to the reformed qualifications.

The current national standards of excellence for head teachers can be found here.

We intend to work with Government at an appropriate time to consider whether a more substantial set of leadership standards are necessary.

The Foundation trustees have been represented on the DfE’s group to review the NPQs. This group has now reported and a new process of accreditation and delivery has been announced.

The NPQs have been reformed to better prepare leaders for the range of leadership roles in today’s school system. The new approach is designed to put the best schools and leadership development organisations at the forefront of the design, delivery, and assessment of an enhanced suite of qualifications, but aims to balance these freedoms with robust quality standards and assurance.

The new frameworks and accreditation processes represent a wholly new approach to the qualifications, and therefore require a new commercial process. As such, current licensees will need to apply for accreditation should they wish to continue upon the end of existing licences (September 2017).

The Foundation’s main interest in setting up a Leadership Research Council is to create an environment for research bodies and the profession to work together to impact on leadership quality – the research goal will always be to develop knowledge of effective leadership that enhances educational outcomes for children and young people.

The Leadership Research Council will bring together research bodies and school and system leaders to:

  • identify gaps in the literature on leadership
  • focus intently on leaders’ contributions to addressing endemic educational inequality, variation and the ‘long tail’ of underachievement
  • identify and help to resolve challenges in ensuring high quality and useful leadership research is effectively curated, disseminated and used by school and system leaders

The Council will support the Foundation in curating and disseminating credible research on leadership. An explicit stated theme of our work will be to address educational inequality.

We intend to work with the Department for Education on a career strategy from pre-entry to executive leadership, which includes issues related to recruitment, retention, deployment and career-long professional learning.