We are
Message from our first Independent Chair,

Sir Michael Barber

The Foundation aims to create a shared depth of understanding about the purpose and nature of leadership in education. Promoting and developing high quality leadership in schools and other education institutions has never been more important: collectively we can create a system in which all children and young people achieve. Qoute

The Foundation for Leadership in Education is the voluntary professional body serving practising education leaders in England and Wales.

As a charitable organisation, the Foundation’s primary object is the advancement of education through developing high quality leadership, to ensure that all children and young people are given the opportunity to achieve.

The Foundation for Leadership in Education seeks to reflect the professional body role that already exist in professions such as Law, Medicine and Accounting. We aim to establish a professional community by creating:

  • A means of professional collaboration;
  • A platform to disseminate research that informs practice; and
  • A voice that represents the professional concerns of the community which are in the public interest.

Founded by the principal leadership associations, the Foundation will be a voluntary professional body serving practising education leaders in schools and colleges across England and Wales. The Foundation has an exceptionally strong coalition of all the major leadership organisations behind it. These organisations have strong track records and collectively represent the breadth of leadership roles in England and Wales.

We believe that strong leadership results in improved student achievement.


Who can join?
Membership of the Foundation will be open to individual education leaders. Educational organisations (for example, schools, MATs, colleges, University departments of Education, education charities) can also join. Institutional membership automatically provides membership for individual education leaders within the organisation.